Served with fresh rolls, butter & choice of dressing

house salad-spring mix topped with grape tomatoes, carrot &  green onion 4.50

fresh roasted beet salad-spring mix topped with goat cheese crumbles, toasted almond slices & sweet red onion with an orange vinaigrette 5/10

the kitchen wedge-iceberg lettuce with house made danish  blue cheese dressing, fresh croutons & pieces of apple-wood smoked bacon  5/ 10

the kitchen chicken cob salad-our take on the classic-baby greens, hard cooked egg, bleu cheese, green onion, grape tomato, apple wood smoked bacon, sliced mushroom & grilled chicken and shredded carrot  12  available as wrap

char-grilled-chicken,  steak ,grilled veggies or  herb rubbed salmon on a bed of baby greens, grape tomatoes and spring onion and artichoke hearts~ grilled or crispy chicken 12 , grilled veggies 12  salmon  or steak 14