veggie burger with lentils veggies, white beans and oats with a spicy hummus spread, lettuce tomato and red onion   11



   -try what guy fieri had from DDD

lamb burger-lamb and ground beef, with herbs and spices with red pepper relish, lettuce tomato and red onion on our own house made bun   12



the kitchen burger-Sirloin beef burger topped with bleu cheese, apple wood smoked beer cooked bacon, our spicy bbq sauce & onion ring   13  kobe   15


burger of the week-see what over the top recipe we’ve come up with   13


build your own burger ala carte

choose your meat, cheese, sauce & toppers

8 oz of meat on our house made bun*   7

*gluten free bun   +2




choose your meat, cheese, your sauce and toppings

vegetarian….grilled portobello mushroom

meat…… beef sirloin 7,  kobe  10,  grilled chicken breast  7,

70/30 beef / pork belly patty 10,  turkey umami 7,  pulled pork 7,  hebrew national hot dogs 4

toppings…… lettuce, tomato, red onion, grilled onion, dill pickles, jalapenos

sauces and spreads…… garlic aioli, thousand island, dijon,
white bean hummus, chipotle aioli, spicy barbecue, red pepper relish

cheese…. cheddar, jalapeno jack, smoked mozzarella, swiss, bleu

premium toppers   +1.50

beer cooked apple wood bacon, 2 onion rings, sautéed mushrooms, fried egg, sliced pit ham, pulled pork, cheddar jalapeno cheese crisp, crispy fried jalapeno and onion strips, mushroom swiss cheese crisp, spinach