Tips For Great Fish On The Grill

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Along with meats, vegetables and poultry, fish is also one of the most popular items anyone can put in on top of the grill. This is because fish has a very pleasant flavor, is quite easy and fun to cook and would offer a healthier option than most other items that are usually grilled. However, there are different methods and approaches to cooking different sorts of fish. Following these methods correctly would make your fish taste much better than how it has always been.

Take note that fish is to be classified into some categories when it comes to grilling and these are whole, fillet, firm and tender fish. These categories are what you should use as a basis to know how to cook it. So to further educate you with other guidelines you must follow when grilling fish, here are some helpful tips to guide you through.

Direct Grilling

Firm fish such as swordfish and tuna are much easier to grill since they do not crumble or break apart as easily as how some other fish would. Being that, you can have them cooked right on top of the fire, just make sure that there isn’t too much fire that it would overcook it. Make sure the fire is set on medium when first having the fish grilled and you can later set it higher so that there would be pretty grill marks on the sides of your fish, these of which are the signs of a grill master.


It is also very important that you know how your fish should be. In being so, choose cuts that are at least 1 inch thick and are quite wide. Also when grilling those nice fillets, make sure that you turn them every once in a while or every 2 minutes or so. While you would want to have those nice grill marks, it is more important to have the fish cooked well.

Grilling Hygiene

When grilling, you would not want to have a nice sea bass on top of the grill cooked perfectly and later have it taste like steak. To avoid this, you should practice good grilling hygiene that is you should always see to it that your grill is clean and is fit for use. In grilling hygiene, there are three main guidelines to remember. The grill must be cleaned, it must be hot and it must be oiled too. Take note that fish could stick to the grill’s surface and damage it easier compared to other items.

First is you have to keep it clean, make sure that you scrub the grill’s surface each time before you use it and you have to make sure that there are no remnants of any food items on top of it. Another is that you have to keep it oiled. Before grilling, spray a small amount of vegetable oil on the grill’s surface to keep the fish from sticking to it later on. Last is you have to keep it hot, or preheated. Never toss fish on the grill’s surface right after setting the fire, wait for 15 minutes before doing so.

Make Use Of Accessories

Accessories are now widely available to make grilling fish much easier and taste much better.


A famous example of this is the fish basket which is a device which puts the fish into a cage like grill and makes it cook evenly on all sides easier. To enhance the fish’s flavor, you can also add herbs, lemon and spices with the fish inside the grill for the vapor to sink deep into the fish.

There are a lot of accessories and you can use them depending on how you want fish to be prepared.

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5 Unique Grilling Tips You’ve Never Hear of

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Is your steak or patty not getting grilled as per your expectations? Does it lack the smoky flavor or chariness you’d love after a grill? Well, that’s most likely because you have haven’t tried every trick in the book yet.

BBQ Grill

Here are a few alternative grilling tips to take your BBQ parties up a notch that nobody’s going to tell you.

1. Using soda for basting

Who would have ever thought soda would make the perfect base for your meat, right? But truth be told, it does. Reduce soda over low heat, let the water dry out and the sugar flavor remain but only start basting towards the end of the cook.

That’s because if you do it too early the sugar is more likely to burn and form a crust that’ll make you even hate pizza forever.

2. Underground Grilling

Here’s a grilling technique that has been in use since ancient times but not much popular anymore due to the advent of much faster and efficient grills but if you’re all about tender meat and the rusty, smoky flavor, this one technique worth a shot.

All you need to do is dig a hole. Add in a few members and get it heated up. Then get an oven rack covered with foil with your meat cuts placed atop. Cover the meat with a suitable object and cover the hole with the dug up mud. Cooking time is around 3-4 hours.

3. Avoid Oversmoking

Well, the whole point of grilling or using a smoker is to get the smoky flavor into your meat, isn’t it? But overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Oversmoking your veggies or meat can make them taste bitter and burnt.

Avoid too much smoke build-up on the grill. Also, maintaining heat is important and thus do not keep opening the lid to check on the meat.

4. Use the Charcoal Kettle grill for smoking

Continuing on the topic of smoking, not all grills can be used for smoking but if you’ve been using a charcoal kettle grill you’re in luck as it does quite an efficient job as a smoker too.  All you need to do is push the coal to one side of the grill. I’d recommend you get a Weber charcoal grill for your kitchen.

The food gets cooked through the smoke rather than the flames. The smoke breaks down the connective tissues and collagen and renders the fat out thus giving you a juicy, tender meat.

5. Brule for caramelization

Getting the charry look can’t always be achieved on the grill especially if you’re a first-time user but what’s a grill without that right? This is where a Brule comes in handy. A small Brule torch will not only add to the look but also improves the flavors of the meat.

When using a Brule torch or have to flip meat on the grill it’s best to use welding gloves. These prevent both cuts and burns making cooking easier as compared to tongs, chopsticks etc.The grilled meat is best enjoyed with crafted beer so don’t forget to check out the article about crafted beer.

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