5 Unique Grilling Tips You’ve Never Hear of

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Is your steak or patty not getting grilled as per your expectations? Does it lack the smoky flavor or chariness you’d love after a grill? Well, that’s most likely because you have haven’t tried every trick in the book yet.

BBQ Grill

Here are a few alternative grilling tips to take your BBQ parties up a notch that nobody’s going to tell you.

1. Using soda for basting

Who would have ever thought soda would make the perfect base for your meat, right? But truth be told, it does. Reduce soda over low heat, let the water dry out and the sugar flavor remain but only start basting towards the end of the cook.

That’s because if you do it too early the sugar is more likely to burn and form a crust that’ll make you even hate pizza forever.

2. Underground Grilling

Here’s a grilling technique that has been in use since ancient times but not much popular anymore due to the advent of much faster and efficient grills but if you’re all about tender meat and the rusty, smoky flavor, this one technique worth a shot.

All you need to do is dig a hole. Add in a few members and get it heated up. Then get an oven rack covered with foil with your meat cuts placed atop. Cover the meat with a suitable object and cover the hole with the dug up mud. Cooking time is around 3-4 hours.

3. Avoid Oversmoking

Well, the whole point of grilling or using a smoker is to get the smoky flavor into your meat, isn’t it? But overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Oversmoking your veggies or meat can make them taste bitter and burnt.

Avoid too much smoke build-up on the grill. Also, maintaining heat is important and thus do not keep opening the lid to check on the meat.

4. Use the Charcoal Kettle grill for smoking

Continuing on the topic of smoking, not all grills can be used for smoking but if you’ve been using a charcoal kettle grill you’re in luck as it does quite an efficient job as a smoker too.  All you need to do is push the coal to one side of the grill. I’d recommend you get a Weber charcoal grill for your kitchen.

The food gets cooked through the smoke rather than the flames. The smoke breaks down the connective tissues and collagen and renders the fat out thus giving you a juicy, tender meat.

5. Brule for caramelization

Getting the charry look can’t always be achieved on the grill especially if you’re a first-time user but what’s a grill without that right? This is where a Brule comes in handy. A small Brule torch will not only add to the look but also improves the flavors of the meat.

When using a Brule torch or have to flip meat on the grill it’s best to use welding gloves. These prevent both cuts and burns making cooking easier as compared to tongs, chopsticks etc.The grilled meat is best enjoyed with crafted beer so don’t forget to check out the article about crafted beer.

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Welcome to your “kitchen away from home!” We treasure our family and friends and community, and one of the ways by which we show them our love and appreciation is to cook for them, and pour them a great glass of beer or wine.


Creating great food and drink is a demonstration of love. At “the kitchen;” it is the core of our identity and informs our philosophy of hospitality. We subscribe to the notion that the simplest pleasures in life are the most satisfying. We hope to share the pleasure of delicious food, and comfortable and elegant environment, good beer and wine and the kindness of all come through our door!

From our selection of rare and popular Craft Beers and Real Ales, and our delicious and satisfying food, to our elegant events – “the kitchen” has something for everyone, and we want to be part of your home and family!

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Craft Beer

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Craft Beer

the kitchen is proud to serve the finest selection of local Craft beer on tap.

Come in and check out what’s currently on our 12 weekly!












Beauty lies in the hands of the beer holder

Happy Hour 3-6pm M-FA.Drink or two is perfect for after-work bonding

tasters-300x169 dscn06401-300x275





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Surf Brewery Beer Paring Dinner!

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Surf Brewery Beer Paring Dinner!




Five beers paired with 5 small plates $39

We’re having a very special event and you’re invited! Please join us on May 11th, 2012 @ 6:30 pm at the kitchen 529 south a st Oxnard ca 93030, as our guest at Surf brewery beer pairing dinner! Fun evening with our local brewery. We will be pairing the ankle slapper, shaka, county line rye, south swell and the black IPA with the kitchen’s food creations. Stay tuned for the menu. Call in for reservations.
The kitchen,
Cathie Moreno

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Brew Class TBP

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Brew Class TBP
Beer brewing classes are held once a month on Saturdays and hosted by the kitchen’s own, Brewmaster Scott.


Cost: 2013 $45 dollars includes a healthy sampling of craft beer and food with hands-on experience.For questions and to sign up for beer brewing classes, please email scottmilles@yahoo.com

Need Home Brewing supplies?
Visit Brew PS for all your home brewing supplies, ingredients, equipment, starter kits, and ingredient kits you will need to start home brewing.
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