Are you planning to have a perfect grill for our family and friends? There are few simple tips from which you can get the most out of your BBQ party. It won’t only help you in planning efficiently, but it will also add a little fun element to it. After all, what’s there without a little thrill to it.

  • Dress the part

It is best to wear baggy clothes with loose sleeves when you have to grill. Keep your long hair tied up else it will get difficult and can act as an irritant. It will also be the best to wear heat-resistant grilling gloves.

  • Tame the Flame

Keep a fire extinguisher well within reach in case of a mishap. Make sure that the grill lies away from the porches and trees and it is placed on a fireproof surface. Another trick would be to store lighter fluid away from the flame.

  • Light it right

Be careful while lighting up the grill. It is best to open up the lid before you turn on the gas so that you can prevent any dangerous mishap to take place. Let the gas disappear a little before lighting the grill.

  • Be prepared

Better be prepared than be sorry. It is really important to keep the kids and pets away as and have everything in handy. It is also very important to not let the grill unattended.

  • Preheat the Grill

Instead of cooking the food right away preheat the fire by holding the hand a little above the grill to check for the temperature. When the fire is hot enough, somewhere around three Mississippi will force you to pull away from your hand.

Grilling Tips for your BBQ 1

  • Lubricate the Grate

It is very important to keep the oil on the grill so that unnecessary stickiness does not arise. You can do this by crumping a paper and dabbing oil through it over the grill.

  • Know when it’s done

You can check if the meat is properly cooked by poking it with your finger. If you feel the meat is firm and springy when it is properly cooked. A soft and a squishy meat require a little more cooking.

  • Turn, don’t stab

Don’t use your hands covered in gloves or fork to pierce the meat. Instead, use tongs to turn the meat. This will help to not let the juices of the meat run out. It is also necessary to let the meat stay on the heat for about 10 minutes before serving. This same applies to chickens and steak as well.

  • Keep it clean

As and when the grill gets a little unclean, clean it up. Especially when it is a little hot to remove the burned area easily. This will help to remove the accumulated fats. Another tip would be to sprinkle a little red pepper in the bottom of the grill to keep the pests away.

Grilling Tips for your BBQ 2